Episode 4

The Batman [Movie]


June 10th, 2022

1 hr 57 mins

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Jala is joined by John Hutchison and Slade Eide-Ettaro to discuss The Batman (2022).

FOR THE RECORD, the Batnipple was freed in the Val Kilmer version BEFORE the George Clooney version (the nipples were more heavily emphasized in the Joel Schumacher film). Jala, Slade and John were ALL correct.

We were remiss in that we neglected to mention the Batsnuggy™. At one point during the film Batman pulls out a wingsuit that for all the world resembles a Snuggy™ and jumps off a building. This moment consistently makes Jala burst into uproarious laughter. It is an accurate, researched depiction of wingsuiting but looks very silly to her. Although the scene is short, it lives on forever in our hearts.

See a short clip behind the movie scene here.

UPDATE: You can purchase a Batsnuggy™ on Amazon! Thanks for the tip, Ryzana!
NOTE: Fireheart Media does NOT endorse jumping off of buildings in this Snuggy™.

Note: this episode is marked "explicit" as there is occasional cursing.

Jala Prendes - @jalachan
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John Hutchison - @tethilus

Slade Eide-Ettaro - @Saeide87

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