Fireheart Media Now On Ko-fi!

We here at Fireheart Media have had a few inquiries about whether we would start a Patreon. After some discussion we decided to join Ko-fi, where you can kick us a few bucks once or subscribe monthly to help support our shows. Our little network includes:

Jala-chan's Place: where you are RIGHT NOW! A biweekly discussion podcast alternating between analysis of media (books, movies, games, etc) and diving into real-world topics (wellness, diversity, challenges).

Monster Dear Monster: a weekly monster exploration podcast following critters from their folkloric origins to their modern-day incarnations.

Some archived or less frequently updated shows include:

Wandering Swords: A Berserk multimedia podcast.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Podcast: a martial arts and kung-fu films podcast.

Hard Rock Saves the Space Dandy: a retro multimedia sci-fi podcast.

We have lots of ideas for potential expansion of shows in mind, and are also interested in streaming, blogging, etc but have limits to what we can produce around our other jobs and responsibilities. Any bit of support you can give goes toward our hosting and production costs, equipment, and helps us generally keep the lights on.

If there are particular outlets you are interested in seeing us pursue, please let us know!