“FMV masters” - Playstation Magazine, Nov 2018

Husband and wife Tim and Lynda Cowles met in high school and fell in love with FMV games around the same time they fell in love with each other. The first FMV game they played together was 1994’s Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon - almost three decades later, they spent the evening of their 21st wedding anniversary writing a short story for Tex Murphy (aka Chris Jones) to VO in their own FMV game, The Shapeshifting Detective (he did a great job)!

D’Avekki Studios was founded in 2004 and for ten years, its main focus was creating boxed murder mystery dinner party games - many containing filmed evidence including interactive questioning. Though traditional murder mystery games still form a huge part of their output, since 2015 Tim and Lynda have also been combining their writing, filming and programming skills to make compelling, supernatural mystery FMV games, bringing their own story full circle.

In 2022, the small 2-person team became a small 3-person team when coder Sam Johns officially joined the company.

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